1954 – 1972:   I was born and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa.

1972 – Today:  Living in Israel.

2016 – Today: Professional photographer at Fanny Goldsmith Architecture and Photography.

2001 – 2016:  Member of an R&D team for the manufacture of digital cameras & backs for professional photographers.

1981 – 2007:   Teaching the tools of photography to amateur photographers at the Israel Museum, Eshcol Payis community center and Kodak Israel.

1980 – 1991:  Photography for artists.

1980 – 1985:  Photographic services studio for the Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem.

1984 – 1989:  Dairy farmer on Kibbutz Maale Hachamisha.

1978 – 1980:  Studied photography at the Hadassah College in Jerusalem.

Interests:        Photography, sailing, astrology, cooking and eating fish.


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  1. Leon it is a TOME of a site.
    It was as good as reading a book and I was taken around the world with the magnificent story of your life and most importantly your family records through your wanderings on this earth.
    May you be blessed with many more years to carry on this wonderful method of making your mark and recording your passage and so passing on a memory for all who brush your path.

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