We are not gods, we cannot ascend to heaven.

No, we are mortal men. Only the gods live forever.

Our days are few in number, and whatever we achieve is a puff of wind.

Why be afraid then, since sooner or later death may come?

… I will cut down the tree; I will kill Humbaba; I will make a lasting name for myself;

I will stamp my fame on men’s minds forever.”

Gilgamesh – The Epic of Gilgamesh, 2000 BCE.


During the past few years I have chronologically arranged the negatives, prints, slides and digital files of more than 50 years of photography into a manageable, easily viewed database.

My history in photography began when I was eight years old.

Studying these photographs as a personal history has led me to an understanding of why I create. My work both presents this idea and at the same time serves as an example of it.

In tracing my physical and spiritual development I have become aware of the idea that the history of a unit, be it organic or inorganic, reflects the history of life and the cosmos.

I invite you to select a project from the menu above or from the sidebar.

There are over 2000 photographs divided into several projects and albums.

Take your time and I hope you enjoy.

Comments are welcome.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I have loved viewing your album. I will share this with Rosie over the weekend. Surely, a life well lived. Thanks for sharing. I’ll send this link to Annette and Elaine in Charlotte NC. As I paged through your earlier years it evoked so many memories. I wish that I had not lost so many pictures through my 60 years. Your photography is beautiful. It was a site worth paging through. Elain

    • Hi Elain,
      Thanks for your kind words. We have all seen the move from B&W to Color in our lives and most of the color photos from our youth are fading and will no longer exist in the not too distant future. Now is the time to digitize them so that you may not lose more.
      Love to Rosie,

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