Self Portrait

Body & Soul

Images in my photographs, like the images in my dreams symbolically reflect my self.

In the desire for immortality, we create extensions of ourselves in two ways:

One: Having and rearing children. Two: Creating artifacts and endeavors.

The following pages describe stages in my physical and spiritual development as represented in the photographs I took at each stage

My first photographs


My first self-portrait



Photos taken with a new 35mm camera


Reflections of my Self


Good times with my friends


Final year at High School


600 miles from home


Move to Israel

Studying at the Technion, Haifa


Understanding the past


Commitment to Photography


Discovery of Color



Birth of Yaniv


Birth of Liad


Living on Kibbutz Maale Hachamish

The ox walks slowly but the Earth has patience

Career in Hi-Tec

End of youth

Extensions of mysef

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