Family portraits and photographic documents

Family 1880-1949

Lithuania and Belarus. We owe much of our characteristics and ways of being to our ancestors.

Family 1950-1975

Living in South Africa and Israel

Family, 1976-1982

Living in Haifa and Jerusalem

Family, 1983-1988

Living in Jerusalem and on Kibbutz Maale Hachamisha

Family, 1989-2003

Living in Golden Beach and Tzamarot, Herzlia

Family, 2004-2008

Living at Tzamarot, Herzlia

Family, 2009-2011

Living at Tzamarot and Y.L. Baruch, Herzlia

Family, 2011-2012

Living at Y.L. Baruch, Herzlia

Family, 2012-2013

Living at Y.L. Baruch

Family, 2014-2016

Living at Y.L. Baruch and at Tzamarot, Herzlia

Family, 2017

Living at Tzamarot, Herzlia

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